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I last wrote about my idea for a witch story. Well, I’m excited to report that I’ve stuck with it since then! I spent a considerable amount of time developing characters and an actual storyline/outline! I wish I could work on it more regularly, like every day, but due to my job, I’m left with weekends. And that’s been working well. I have so … Read More Witchiness

I have always loved New Year’s.

Both Eve and Day. I’ve loved it when I’ve spent it with family, when I’ve spent it with friends, when I’ve spent it alone, when my dog was my midnight kiss, and as I’ve spent it with my Love for a few years now. That moment when we move from the end of one period of time to the beginning of another… it’s a … Read More I have always loved New Year’s.

I saw my loves last Friday.

My loves being Hanson. It’s kind of surreal thinking back over the last two decades that I’ve been a fan. It feels more like we’re friends, even though we truly aren’t. But there is a relationship there. They’ll even tell you. The fans who have been with them since the beginning are everything to them. How often they thank us and how often they … Read More I saw my loves last Friday.